Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Receives Collector’s Edition

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD will be the first time that the title has left Japan. For those that have been waiting patiently, a new Collector’s Edition has been revealed.

On the PlayStation Blog, Square Enix revealed that they will be releasing a Collector’s Edition of Final Fantasy Type-0 HD. The collection will cost $99.99. The Collector’s Edition will include the game in a special gold SteelBook case that houses the game disk and a 15 track collection of songs picked by the game’s composer. Also included is a 200-page manga that takes place alongside Type-0, giving insight into the characters. There is also an 80-page art book featuring art from the game’s artists. Lastly, this special edition will include five full-sized replicas of the cards that are featured in the game. The cards illustrate five of the Type-0 Eidolons: Odin, Ifrit, Shiva, Diabolos, and Bahamut. The Collector’s Edition will come with the Final Fantasy XV demo. The demo will only be limited to the “Day One” edition of Type-0.

A part of the Fabula Nova Crystallis subseries, Final Fantasy Type-0 HD focuses on Class Zero, a group of 12 students from a magical academy called Vermillion Peristylium. Type-0 features a real-time, action-based battle system similar to Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII. The player controls three characters at a time, and are able to switch between them freely. Each character has a specific weapon, and learn specific attacks unique to that character when they level up. Each character has their own summoned monster called an Eidolon, which can act as a playable character and have their own set of skills.

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD will release on March 17th. The game will be available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. A fan made translation was in the works, but was shut down when Square Enix announced that Type-0 would be coming to America.