Nintendo eShop Update December 11, 2014

The Nintendo eShop update December 11, 2014 is now live! The Nintendo eShop Update is published by Nintendo every Thursday for their Wii U and 3DS systems . This update includes full digital titles, Virtual Console releases and smaller indie titles. It can be a lot and while you could read the full text on Nintendo’s press site, we thought you would prefer to get the gist of the update along with some recommendations on what to keep an eye on.

Nintendo eShop on Wii U

Nothing. Go play Captain Toad Treasure Tracker!

Nintendo eShop on 3DS

Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney Trilogy– ($29.99) the hit DS trilogy is now coming to 3DS with new graphics. The Wright games revolve around the player controlling a junior attorney who must defend his clients in court. You gather evidence by surveying crime scenes and form arguments to sway the verdict in your favor. Standing in your way are crazy witnesses and experienced prosecutors. I never played these on the DS but as a huge Sherlock Holmes fan this does appeal to my need for solving puzzles through deduction.

Xeodrifter– ($9.99) This little indie title is a 2D adventure game from the makers of Mutant Mudds. It comes across a bit as a mix between MegaMan and  Metroidvania titles, with large enemy variety, big boss fights and a great soundtrack.

Virtual Console

Crash ’n the Boys Street Challenge– ($4.99) Fun fact, this is the game that inspired the band of the same name in Scott Pilgrim Volume 1. Crash ‘n the Boy s faced off against Sex Bob-omb in volume 1 and reappeared in volume 3 to help Scott take on Todd Ingram. The game itself is an NES title with some sporting mini-games.

Harvest Moon 3– ($4.99) Harvest Moon is sort of comparable to Animal Crossing and Farmville, only no humanoid animals and the farming requires less tapping the tablet screen.


Nothing you’ll truly want to purchase, sorry.

Bonus is that there is a Super Smash Bros Wii U photo challenge. Nintendo asks people post a snapshot based on the theme of “eat.” Submissions can be posted until December 16 when Sakurai and the Smash Bros team will choose a winner. What the winner wins was not detailed, I assume it won’t be access to Mewtwo early.