iPhone 7 release date, specs: Apple A9 chip manufacturing begun by Samsung

iPhone 7 should be launched next year according to rumors, but a new report about Samsung starting the manufacturing process of the Apple A9 chip just makes us even more giddy about the upcoming flagship. The iPhone 7 is the stuff of rumors and legends at the moment, some saying it might end up being just the iPhone 6S, but most people are leaning towards the other name. The iPhone 7 release date isn’t known yet, but we suppose that we should expect Apple to release the new flagship late Summer or early Fall next year.

Samsung has reportedly started manufacturing the Apple A9 CPU which should end up powering the brand new iPhone 7. Reportedly, the company has started the manufacture of the Apple A9 chip in Austin, in one of their plants. Even though the iPhone 7 chip should be the A9 and if rumors are accurate and we should see the iPhone 7 release landing next year, Samsung hasn’t confirmed that it has already started the manufacturing process. Still, we’re pretty sure it did, since it has won the auction to manufacture the chip. According to rumors, the iPhone 7 CPU should be using 14 nanometre FinFET technology, which should be much more power efficient. The Apple A9 chip should be thinner and lighter, smaller in size and more powerful, so it should be perfect to create a new iPhone 7 with great specs and design. The iPhone 7 size should also be influenced by the chip, making it thinner, although that’s not necessarily a good thing.

Samsung should be ready with the Apple A9 chip by the second quarter of 2015 or Fall the latest, so we shouldn’t expect the iPhone 7 release date being set for earlier than that. Sources in connection with Samsung also revealed that the 14 nanometre FinFET technology would be used in other devices as well, not just the iPhone 7 or other Apple devices. While it’s good news to hear that the Apple A9 chip and the iPhone 7 are being planned, we shouldn’t expect an early release. Still, the iPhone 7 release date is still pretty settled if we’re to listen to the latest info, so we should expect Apple’s new flagship to be launched in Fall 2015, the latest. We’ll keep you up to date about the iPhone 7 and about the Apple A9 chip and the technology it will be using. We’ll also try to find out what other devices will be using the 14 nanometre FinFET technology, and keep you posted.