Netflix for Android Wear now lets you use your watch as a remote control

Netflix for Android Wear is finally a reality, allowing smartwatch owners to use their wristwatches as remote controls. Netflix has taken its time to update its Android app completely, but we’re glad to see Netflix for Android Wear going finally live. With the new app, you can now use your watch in order to control your shows  The whole experience seems like out of a spy movie, in my mind, since controlling your stream from your watch looks and feels at least a bit futuristic, still.

Netflix for Android Wear allows you to perform the same functions as you would with a smartphone, including sharing recommendations, play the shows you want to, get more details about them, alert you when you receive recommendations and lets you thank the one who had sent you the recommendation. Netflix for Android Wear is basically Netflix integration for your smartwatch and it comes alongside the new update for Android devices. We’ve seen the features that the Netflix update for Android brought this time already on iOS, so we’re been impatient to see them ported to Google’s OS. The update for Android includes a new more private way of sharing recommendations and shows with your friends, called Social Recommendation. Push notifications can now be used with Netflix bringing images and buttons you can use when interacting with recommendations.

Netflix for Android Wear on the Moto 360

Netflix for Android Wear seems like a great idea and coupled with the new Social Recommendations feature introduced to Android after quite a while, users can enjoy a pretty comprehensive TV-show experience. The enhancements Netflix brought to Android this time and the fact that we’ve now Netflix for Android Wear integration shows off how much more connected we are becoming each day. Or rather how easily we can multitask and switch tasks between devices. The tech world and software developers are getting accustomed to the recent trend of cross-device and cross-platform integration, which has really kicked off this year with Continuity, AirDrop, Pushbullet, Flow and Copresence. Netflix for Android Wear is just a small part of cross-device integration and we should see even more apps making use of multiple devices at the same time.