Ex-Sony employees sue Sony Entertainment over hack, claiming their data wasn’t protected

Ex-Sony employees are suing Sony Entertainment as a consequence of the massive hack that revealed a ton of personal information earlier this Fall, claiming that Sony failed to protect their data. Four ex-Sony employees are now filing two lawsuits against the company, saying that there weren’t enough precautionary measures in place to protect their data from being hacked. The massive Sony hack leaked emails, salary information, social security numbers, employee records, medical records and personal information of current and former Sony Entertainment employees.

Hackers have released all of the leaked information on the internet, causing people to shiver in their beds at the sound of the door, because many have made death-threats and threatened the families of Sony employees. The ex-Sony employees say that the company knew about security flaws in their data systems and that it didn’t do anything about those flaws. Since the ex-Sony employees think that the company could have prevented the huge information leak, a lawsuit or two were expected and even necessary. Two ex-Sony employees have filed suit on Monday, and another two on Tuesday. The latter suit was filed by Susan Dukow and Yvonne Yaconelli.

Another reason why ex-Sony employees are suing the company is because it failed to notify all the people affected by the hack in time, saying that Sony violated California laws that should protect sensitive financial and medical information of employees. The ex-Sony employees are seeking class-action status for all the employees and former employees that have been impacted by the information leak. The ex-Sony employees are right to be concerned and ask for some kind of reimbursement and justice for the massive hack, since the hackers are threatening with terrorist acts as big as 9/11 was. The ominous message sent by the hackers targets all kinds of movie theaters and invoke The Interview as the reason for their a=outrage. The Interview premiere has been canceled as a result of the threats and we don’t know whether the film will be released. Federal Investigators say that they are closing in on the source of the hack, saying that the source might in fact originate from North-Korea, although the government is denying any involvement.