Transformers Universe Closing Down

Transformers Universe, the online MOBA, had launched its open beta on July of this year. Now, developer Jagex has announced that the team-based MMO will be shutting down.

On January 31st, Transformers Universe will be closed down, the game’s website has confirmed. Jagex had this to say: “Today Jagex and Hasbro can confirm that Transformers Universe will close. This decision comes at an important time for both companies as they both realign their plans and focuses for 2015.” The shutdown process has begun, as those who have purchased a Founders Pack, as well as relic bundles and starter packs, will be refunded. Those that have not received their refund by January 16th should contact Jagex. No new players will be able to sign up for the game, though those who already have an account can continue to play the game until the servers shut down in January. Jagex will continue to operate the game’s forums and provide relevant updates n the website as necessary.

A free-to-play title, Transformers Universe entered its closed beta period in March of 2014, and entered its open beta in July. In the game, players either play as the Autobots, or as the Decepticons. The game featured both PvP and PvE modes. For PvP included a team-death match mode, and a sort of king-of-the-hill mode. Both modes pitted two teams of four against each other. Transformers Universe also featured PvE missions, including a four player mode that pitted players against increasingly difficult waves of enemies until they take on the final boss. The game utilized three classes: Healer, Tank, and Sniper. The title features well known Transformers characters, as well as a few new characters that Jagex had created for the game in conjunction with Hasbro. Characters include Autobots such as Optimus Prime, Ratchet, and Bumblebee. Decepticons included Megatron, Barricade, and Brawl.

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