Potential suspects for the upcoming animated series of Among Us The Last of Us, Lord of the Rings, and Community Stars

The initial lineup of voice actors announced for the upcoming Among Us animated series is truly impressive, featuring a constellation of renowned stars. This mystery has attracted an impressive lineup of voice actors from the worlds of film, TV, and video games. It’s clear that the talent involved in this case is top-notch.

Randall Park portrays “Red,”  the captain of The Skeld, who is widely recognized for his role in the popular sitcom Fresh Off the Boat. Yvette Nicole Brown, known for her role as Shirley in Community, will be taking on the character of “Orange” in the upcoming series. “Orange” is described as the ship’s resident corporate lackey, lacking any real backbone. Elijah Wood, known for his iconic role as Frodo Baggins, will portray the character of “Green” in the upcoming film. Green is an enthusiastic, unpaid intern who is simply thrilled to have the opportunity to be a part of it all. Lastly, Ashley Johnson, known for her remarkable performance in The Last of Us, will take on the role of “Purple,”  the witty chief of security on The Skeld.

Unfortunately, there is no release date available for this particular show. However, it is currently being developed at Titmouse, the animation studio known for their work on comedic shows such as Big Mouth and Star Trek: Lower Decks. Ready to dive into the world of animated mischief in the Among Us universe? Feel free to voice your doubts and speculations in the comments section.