Latest Front Mission 2: Remake Update Adds Game + Mode

Developers Storm Trident and G-Craft are pushing Front Mission 2: Remake updates hard. When the base game launched last year, we thought it was rough, but the developers have added a lot of content, and the latest patch is out now.

This version 1.0.5 update isn’t as big as some we’ve seen, but it has some nice features, like a New Game Plus mode to keep you coming back.

Along with new dialogue options and mech color variants, there are several translation and bug fixes. Front Mission tweeted the full patch notes, which we have posted below.

Front Mission 2: Remake 1.0.5 (9 April 2024)

New features:
new Game Plus mode.
New dialogues are activated depending on the actions taken during missions.
5 new Wanzer Camo variants.
five new Wanzer color variants.

redone many parts of English and Japanese translations and fixed grammatical errors.
added additional particles to some cutscenes.
changed the style of some UI fonts.

fixed the issue with the game crashing while using the home button during loading screens.
fixed problems with game locks on multiple levels.
fixed problems with game locks on multiple tutorial lessons.
fixed problems with game locks on some arena fights.
fixed the double magazine bug.
fixed the bug with honor skills.
fixed the issue with Uisk Wanzer surrendering inventory.
fixed minor stat and information errors in the tutorial.
fixed issues with displaying stats in the solo arena.
And more minor fixes and improvements!