Sunsoft announces a “retro game selection” for the Switch, and an English release is planned

Sunsoft has recently made an exciting announcement for all the Nintendo Switch owners out there: the arrival of Sunsoft is back! Retro Game Selection! Get ready to dive into a nostalgic gaming experience like no other. Later this month, on April 18th, it will be making its way to the hybrid system in Japan. Excitingly, there is also an English version in development!

The upcoming release will feature only three Famicom titles: Wings of Madura (1986), 53 Stations of the Tokaido (1986), and Ripple Island (1988).

The inclusion of “save and rewind functions” will undoubtedly enhance the gameplay experience, providing players with added convenience. Additionally, the introduction of a gallery mode will offer a new way to appreciate the game’s visuals and artwork. Furthermore, the package will feature exclusive illustrations, concept proposals, never-before-seen artwork, and much more. Allow me to provide you with a brief overview of each title, as per Steam:

Wings of Madura

A side-scrolling action game where you control Lucia!
Defeat the bosses waiting at the end of various stages and advance through the stages!
There are many evil monsters on the stage,
Power-up items and items that allow you to use new magic are falling!
Can you defeat Daltos waiting in the final stage?

53 Stations of the Tokaido

It’s exhilarating once you get hooked!
It’s a side-scrolling action game that features slightly addictive actions!
Defeat your enemies by hitting them with tantrum balls.
Even if there seems to be nothing there, if you hit the tantrum ball, an item may appear!
If you collect items, you can become stronger against specific enemies!
Proceed along the Tokaido to set off fireworks at the Sumida River!

Ripple Island

Ripple Island is an adventure game where Kyle is the main character.
Use 9 different commands to overcome numerous obstacles and defeat Gerogale.
The fate of Ripple Island depends on the decisions you make.