Cheap 64 bit CyanogenMod mid-ranger from Micromax launched today

Micromax launched a new smartphone today, a cheap 64 bit mid-range device, the first that takes advantage of the new partnership with Cyanogen and consequently of the CyanogenMod ROM. After the scandal between OnePlus, Xiaomi and Cyanogen, rumors said that Micromax filed a complaint against OnePlus because it was afraid of the competition. Micromax announced that it would launch a new smartphone line powered by Cyanogen and today is the day the first such phone was officially announced. The cheap 64 bit smartphone is called the Micromax Yureka.

Micromax picked a great time to launch a cheap 64 bit smartphone, as both OnePlus and Xiaomi are currently banned from selling their devices in India and the 64 bit craze has started ever since Android 5.0 Lollipop was made official. Finding a cheap 64 bit mid-range smartphone that is also worth its price is difficult, especially in developing countries like India and Micromax proposes to change that. Even though Micromax is one of the biggest companies in India, users are saying that the handsets they are selling aren’t as high quality or acceptable as advertised.

Even so, the cheap 64 bit mid-ranger called the Micromax Yureka was launched today with a low price tag of $142, which is impressive and in line with Android One, more or less. The cheap 64 bit smartphone touts a 5.5 inch 720p display, with dual-SIM capabilities, which is quite the bundle for such a low price. Since we’re talking about a cheap 64 bit smartphone, it’s only natural that the Micromax Yureka would run on a 64 bit Snapdragon 615 CPU backed by 2 GB RAM. Internal storage is set at 16 GB, with a microSD card slot available if one plans on expanding storage space.

What’s more surprising about this cheap 64 bit smartphone is that it packs a 13 MP camera on the rear and a 5 MP camera on the front, which should be a very nice setup for such a low price. At the same time, the Micromax Yureka has a pretty hefty 2500 mAH battery, which should be enough to power the big display of the device. Software-wise, the cheap 64 bit smartphone runs on Android 4.4.4 KitKat with CyanogenMod 11 on top, which should be a pull factor for consumers. If this cheap 64 bit smartphone interests you, you can try your luck and buy it from Amazon India. Since it’s so cheap, it would be a worthwhile investment, that’s for sure.