Windows 10 latest stats and figures are in courtesy of Microsoft

It’s no secret that Windows 10 has sparked a lot of interest ever since it was first announced earlier this year. Microsoft has made it so that anyone who knows a little something about the inner workings of an operating system can participate in the Technical Preview by signing up via the Windows Insider Program. The company recently posted a new update in which they talk about their progress with the OS and reveal the specific number of users who are currently testing Windows 10. The latest stats and figures are for the month of December, so these statistics are very fresh and serve to give us an idea of how fast the interest for the OS is rising with each passing month.

According to Microsoft, there are currently 1.5 million Windows Insiders today, the majority of which have presumably entered the program just so they can test the Windows 10 Technical Preview. Of those 1.5 million, about 450.000 are “highly active” users, meaning that they frequently use the operating system and test the available features. The company also reveals that more users are currently participating in the testing phase of Windows 10 than in any of the previous versions of OS. Needless to say, Microsoft is very excited and happy to see this. Not only does such a high number of users mean that a plethora of people are interested in the company’s software, but it also means that Microsoft will be able to provide an excellent operating system thanks to all the valuable feedback.

The Redmond-based company says that about 1,300 bugs have already been fixed thanks to the feedback and that number is constantly rising. Additionally, Microsoft was able to fix the frequent bluescreens occurring on some of the builds while also improving many features thanks to the contribution of users. More details about Windows 10 will be announced on January 21st when the Consumer Preview of the operating system will be launched.