Trove Releases the Ice Sage

Trove is an open-ended voxel MMORPG. Just recently, the game released a brand new class for players to play as: the Ice Sage.

Using frozen magic, Trove’s newest class, the Ice Sage, comes with a number of abilities. The first is a passive ability called “Coldhearted.” With this, basic attacks blast enemies with icicles, and will apply a slow effect. Also, players do not slide when walking on ice. With “Ice Crash,” players create an enormous icicle above their enemies and then drop it on them. “Frozen Ward” absorbs an incoming attack, then grants a speed boost while active. The Sage’s ultimate attack is “The Big Chill,” which causes the Sage to explode in an intense blast of frigid magic, freezing and damaging enemies caught in the blast. The Ice Sage is available at the in-game store.

A pixalated MMORPG, Trove allows players to explore the world, or build their own. The game offers a number of classes: the Knight, Gunslinger, Fae Trickster, Dracolyte, NeonĀ  Ninja, Candy Barbarian, and now the Ice Sage. Each class has their own unique abilities and play styles as players take on enemies to gather gear, items, trophies, and world-building blocks. Gamers can explore the world of Trove, which is full of diverse biomes, enemies, dungeons, landmarks, and lairs. Dungeons range from castles, palaces, caverns, and crypts. They are filled with minions, and have boss battles that will test a player’s skills. There are also lairs, which work as a type of mini dungeon. Each holds a central boss to defeat or quest to complete for loot. Players can also build on their own plots of land, and can check out and collect items that other players have created. They can also create the dungeons and lairs that players can explore.

Trove is currently in an open beta. The game is available on PC.