War Thunder’s Steel Generals Patch is Live

War Thunder is a combat MMO by Gaijin Entertainment. Now, the game has seen the release of a new expansion titled “Steel Generals.”

This week saw the release of War Thunder’s newest update, Steel Generals. Just in time for the holidays, the expansion introduces a bit of new content. The new content includes new vehicles, tow cable mechanics, retooled artillery strikes, and new damage modeling. Along with that, 3 new maps have been introduced: White Stone Fortress for air and ground battles,┬áthe Eastern Europe map with “varied open ground and urban terrain features,” and the massive air-combat Battle for Moscow, a recreation of the city during the Winter Campaign of 1941-1942.

In this update for War Thunder, it is the Steel Generals content that stands out the most: “The biggest addition to War Thunder with this update is the beta of the Steel Generals expansion, which includes the first six American tanks available now. By the end of Q1 2015, more than 30 US WWII tanks will be available. This release schedule allows Gaijin Entertainment to test each of the tanks to ensure that they are ready for battle when commercially launched. In honor of the update launch, special packages are available for purchase that contain premium US tanks and other bonuses alongside closed beta access. Players can participate in the Steel Generals beta by entering into contests and in-game events in War Thunder.”

A free-to-play title, War Thunder has received generally positive reviews. The game contains more than 350 aircraft from 5 different nations and a number of ground vehicles from the Soviet Union and Germany. Most maps in the game are either directly or indirectly based on real-life battles from well known wars. The game features a number of different modes for gamers to partake in. There are five nations to choose from: America, Germany, the Soviet Union, Great Britain, and Japan. There is also tech from countries such as Australia, France, and Italy.

War Thunder is available for PC and PlayStation 4.