HP Chromebook with a 14 inch touchscreen launched today

A new HP Chromebook was quietly launched today and we’re quite surprised at what the company devised this time. Since there were a lot of complaints about the original HP Chromebook 14’s display, the company decided that it would re-launch a newer, more high-end version of the laptop with a better screen. What’s neat about the new HP Chromebook 14 is that it boasts a touchscreen so the new device is as close to a convertible as it gets.

Specs-wise, HP decided to improve the hardware and has put an Nvidia Tegra K1 CPU backed by 4 GB RAM in the laptop, which should make for pretty good performance. At the same time, we’re greeted by a 14 inch FHD WLED-backlit touch screen with a 1920*1080 resolution, You’ll get 32 GB internal storage, which should be enough for the HP Chromebook and Chromebooks in general, but you will have to scrape up about $450 if you want to purchase the notebook. Even though the company says the new HP Chromebook 14 should be good for 8.5 hours of mixed use, we won’t believe that until we’ve put it to the test.

The previous HP Chromebook was lacking the high resolution touchscreen and had half the RAM the new edition does, but it is also $150 cheaper, which makes us wonder why such a big price bump from the original version. You would think the touchscreen and the upped internal storage are worth that dough, but we won’t know for sure until we can properly review the HP Chromebook 14. Even if Chromebooks haven’t been impressive, we can see that companies are heading in the right direction and with improvements to Chrome OS as well as hardware, we should see a completely convertible Chromebook soon enough. If you are new to the whole Chromebook thing, you should know that the notebooks in this series are intended for mostly online use and promote cloud storage as the ideal method to store data.