Elite: Dangerous Server Causing Severe Issues

Elite: Dangerous just launched to what seemed to be a smooth start for the game. Yesterday, however, the game experienced some severe server issues, causing problems as serious as making the game unplayable for some.

In Elite: Dangerous, a suspected transaction server failure has caused a number of bugs for players. Issues range from small issues such as players getting disconnected, to much severe problems such as deleting a ship’s entire cargo and credits. There were also players receiving ghost cargo that they were able to sell over and over again, allowing them to rack up millions of credits easily. One player was left without a ship, and was unable to log in when the server reversed a ship purchase transaction. Another player’s ship was teleported all the way across the galaxy, and is being held hostage at a station with no shipyard. Dozens have reported broken cargo holds, and are now missing their cargo and credits. One gamer even logged on to find 5 billion credits in his wallet.

Though the problems for Elite: Dangerous were reported right away, the server was not rebooted until its maintenance period over six hours later. Unfortunately, the developers at Frontier are taking time off to celebrate the holidays. There has been no official announcement of the issues as of yet, and players are speculating on the damage that can be caused or reversed if Frontier performed a server rollback. Reports state that Elite: Dangerous’ developers will not be back until January 5th, at which point it would be unlikely that they will perform a server rollback. These issues have brought up complaints about Elite: Dangerous requiring players to always be online, as players are reporting that they are not able to play without problem even in solo mode.

Elite: Dangerous is available now for PC.