CES 2015: Samsung SSD: extremely fast and power efficient

The latest Samsung SSD was introduced at CES 2015 this week and we are thinking that this is the future of high-performance computing. The South Korean company says that the PCIe (M.2) Samsung SSD will be the fastest in the industry and it will sport a feature none other have: the fact that it won’t consume any power whatsoever when in standby mode. That would be quite a feat when it comes to power efficiency and I’m loving how manufacturers are aiming for devices and hardware that saves energy rather than consume it needlessly.

The model number for the alleged fastest SSD in the world is SM951 and it’s the successor of the Xp941, which read data at 1.4 GB/s. The new model will supposedly be able to read at 2.15 GB/s and write with 1.55 GB/s speeds, which is pretty impressive if I might say so. The brand new Samsung SSD uses the new 10-nanometer MLC flash technology and if paired with the correct tech capable of making use of the extreme speeds, it will be a revolutionary piece of hardware, at least in the next few weeks until something new comes up. The SSD’s most interesting feature though is the fact that it only consumes 2 miliwatts in standby mode, which is closer to nothing than you would imagine, making it 50 percent more power efficient than other recent SSD models.

If you think the new Samsung SSD will be made available widely and indiscriminately soon, you might just be wrong. Samsung said that initially, the SSD’s 128, 256 and 512 GB versions will be available to major laptop and PC manufacturers, but we don’t know which manufacturers the company was referring to. That doesn’t mean that the company won’t be broadening availability soon, saying that by the end of the year, most high-end or next-gen (whichever you prefer) laptops and PCs will be able to make use of the super-fast, power-efficient Samsung SSD.