Exclusive BlackBerry Passport redesigned for AT&T: nothing new

An AT&T exclusive BlackBerry Passport is in the works from the company, touting a refreshed design that won’t be as rigid as the original model. BlackBerry & AT&T decided to collaborate on a new BlackBerry Passport that will be found exclusively in AT&T stores, but if you are wondering whether customers of the carrier will get some special functions, better specs or new features, I have to disappoint you, since the companies said that the Passport will be basically the same, except for a few design elements.

According to the new dream-team, the AT&T exclusive BlackBerry Passport is “built for productivity”, but I don’t really see how four rounded edges will help people be more productive. They might not dig into their palms as much, but since the Passport isn’t designed for one-handed use, I don’t see how that is relevant. Nonetheless, the AT&T exclusive BlackBerry Passport should raise a bit of ¬†awareness about the new flagship and the great functions it has to offer, which is ultimately a good thing in my mind. I’m a genuine fan of the Passport and I am glad that it is getting more and more attention.

The release date for the AT&T exclusive BlackBerry Passport hasn’t been disclosed yet, but at least we have some price information you can take a look at. According to AT&T and BlackBerry, you will have to pay $650 straight-up for the device without a contract, but if you are in need of a two year binding contract, you could get it for $200. I would personally choose the original BlackBerry Passport over the rounded edge-one “built for productivity”, but each to their own, I suppose. Even though the redesigned smartphone is more of a publicity and marketing stunt, I am still glad to see the high-end, unconventional device is receiving the attention it deserves.