Galaxy S6 up for pre-order, free on contract

The Galaxy S6 from Samsung is set to be unveiled on March 1st, ahead of the MWC 2015 official kick-off, alongside its edge-partner, the Galaxy S6 Edge. The fact that the phone hasn’t even been made completely official yet doesn’t stop stores and online retailers from offering the phone up for pre-order to interested customers who want to be among the first ones to get their hands on the now overhyped handset. The Galaxy S6 is now up for pre-order on Dutch ecommerce retailer and carrier Tele2, who has already figured out the pricing, too.

If you are living in The Netherlands and fancy a new contract with the Tele2 carrier, you can have the Galaxy S6 for free if you sign up for the pre-order. The monthly plan will cost customers 44 euros per month, which translates to roughly $55. If we do a quick calculation, that contract price would add up to about $800 for the phone, which sounds about right. The plan reportedly comes with 300 voice call minutes and just 1 GB data included, which is staggeringly low for that price. But you get the Galaxy S6 for free, so it’s a good trade-off in most people’s minds. Since the Dutch website GSMInfo published the news about the pre-order, the page has been taken down by the carrier.

The specs listed by the carrier mostly coincide with what we know already, including an octa core chipset, which points towards Samsung’s own Exynos chip being included in the Galaxy S6. We’re skeptical about the listing as somebody pointed out that the listing might be a typo, and the contract offer is for one of the Galaxy A smartphones Samsung just unveiled a few weeks ago. Nonetheless, the octa core chip mentioned is curious. Take this with a grain of salt though, as we don’t even know what to believe. The Galaxy S6 will be unveiled on Sunday at a Samsung Galaxy Unpacked Event in Barcelona, so we don’t have to wait long to find out official information about pricing and availability.