OnePlus Two coming soon, but no OnePlus tablets in the future

OnePlus has been in a lot of trouble lately with all the problems they had with Cyanogen, but that doesn’t mean this Chinese company isn’t pushing forward with new launches. The OnePlus Two is confirmed for 2014 by Carl Pei, CEO of the company that brought us the flagship killer, but the CEO revealed a few more details about what the future holds for the start-up company that “invented” the controversial invite system and marketing strategy.

In the last few interviews, Carl Pei came clean about what he is planning to do with the OnePlus Two, tablets and another phone he didn’t name. Still, the CEO behind the flagship killer OnePlus One revealed quite a few interesting things about the future of the OnePlus Two and the company overall. As it turns out, the OnePlus Two will be available in multiple variants, each made for different LTE bands. From what we can deduce, the OnePlus Two will have a version compatible with American bands, one with European bands and another with Asian bands, which would be absolutely great.

At the same time, we found out that once the OnePlus Two release date is announced and the phone is launched, the original flagship killer OnePlus One will be free to buy without having an invite beforehand. From what we can understand, the company will be keeping the invite system for future flagships because they do not have the funds to have a large enough inventory to handle open sales of a phone that is already very popular and researched. At the same time, we are glad to see that the Chinese company is thinking about creating yet another smartphone that will be aimed at those who cherish design and premium feel (Apple fans, much?) more than bang for buck. Even though the OnePlus Two will work in the same way its predecessor did, giving tech enthusiasts a cheap flagship that can rival $800 phones from smartphone giants, that doesn’t represent the company’s philosophy regarding other products.

As for the OnePlus Two release date, we still don’t have an exact day, but we do know that by Q3 2015, we will have a new flagship killer available. With regard to tablets, Carl Pei decided that OnePlus would not be making anything of the sorts, since from his point of view, tablets are not profitable. I would always choose a tablet over a smartphone, as long as it has 3G or 4G connectivity, but I do agree with the OnePlus CEO seeing as people are content with having a smartphone rather than a bulkier, less portable tablet that does the same things. On a side-note, we might be seeing some new products from the company, even a wearable device of some sorts. It seems that OnePlus will not be washed away this year and the plans of the company are mighty. We wish them luck and hope this company will grow as big as possible so that we can all enjoy their high-end affordable products.