Gaming Mouse Comparison: Razer vs Logitech vs Razer

When it comes to PC gaming, a lot can factor into the ideal play session. The rig, the keyboard, the headset, there are a lot of things that can affect your gaming. One of those key factors can be the mouse that a player is using. A mouse has to be functional, comfortable, and precise. This list will take three great gaming mice and compare them, and hopefully help gamers figure out what kind of mouse they need for their gaming purposes.

Sometimes simpler is better. The Razer DeathAdder Chroma proves this in spades. Simple yet sleek, the DeathAdder is comfortable and precise. The DeathAdder only features five buttons: the left and right click buttons, a scroll wheel that functions as a third button, and two programmable buttons located on the left side of the mouse. The DeathAdder feels great with textured rubber side grips, which help keep the mouse from slipping during intense gaming sessions. The DeathAdder also has an IR optical sensor that delivers 10,000 dpi, making it incredibly sensitive. For the price, the DeathAdder delivers, and can be considered one of the best gaming mice on the market. The simple design may not be enough for some MMOs, but those that play FPS and RTS series will have a hard time finding a better mouse.

The most versatile mouse on this list, the Logitech G502 Proteus Core is a beast of a mouse. Sporting 12,000 dpi, the G502 is responsive, precise and smooth. Of course, 12,000 is a little extreme, so the mouse can be programmed to suit your needs. The mouse is comfortable, though those with very large hands will probably find it a little uncomfortable after several hours of gameplay. The mouse comes equipped with 5 removable weights, which allows gamers to customize the G502 to their preferred weight. The mouse has 11 programmable buttons, and lets gamers choose between a smooth or stepped scroll wheel. As mentioned before, the G502 is incredibly versatile, allowing gamers to go from a FPS to browsing on the web with ease. This mouse is great for those that play a variety of games, and need a mouse that can handle them all. It’s not as sleek as the DeathAdder, but is not as specialized.

The final mouse on this list is also a Razer: the Razer Naga. Where the DeathAdder was  simple and easy to use, the Naga is a much more complicated beast. The mouse is still very comfortable, and is still incredibly precise and responsive. What separates the Naga from the DeathAdder and G502 is the number of buttons; the Naga sports 17 buttons. Along with the five button set up on top of the mouse, the Naga has a 12 button number pad on the left side. Of course, this mouse sports such a large number of buttons for a reason; the Naga is designed for MMO players. This helps MMO gamers have easier access to their hotkeys, and can help their gameplay. This does take getting used to though, and can be intimidating at first. If you are a hardcore MMO player, however, then the Naga is definitely your mouse of choice. It offers the precision and comfort you need, with the accessibility to the hotkeys that you want.