Xbox 360 Controller Comparison: PDP vs Microsoft vs Razer

When it comes to console gaming, one of the most important things to a gamer is the controller. A bad controller can lead to a bad gaming experience. Thus, it is important to pick up a good controller. You need something that is precise and responsive, while at the same sturdy and dependable. This list will take a look at three great Xbox 360 controllers that gamers should consider.

The first controller being looked at is the PDP Afterglow. Though the cheapest gamepad on the list, it still delivers. The controller is responsive, and can stand up to the other gamepads on the list in terms of performance. Button depressions will not feel quite as strong, and the thumbsticks are not as resistant, but the Afterglow will get the job done, and that is what matters. The controller also lives up to its namesake, as it can glow. The controller features a clear casing, which will allow gamers to see the inner mechanisms working. Depending on which color you purchase, the controller is able to light up red, green, or blue. The Afterglow is wired, which may be a turn off for some. If this is not a problem, then the Afterglow is a great, solid controller that will give gamers a good bang for their buck.

The next controller is the official Xbox 360 controller by Microsoft. This gamepad is easily one of the best that you can pick up for the Xbox 360. It is comfortable in your hands, with great button positioning. The controller is responsive, and gives precise controls. The controller’s triggers feel great when pulled, and the analog sticks work great. The official Xbox 360 pad is more expensive than the Afterglow, but it is also wireless (a wired version is available, but it is still more expensive than the Afterglow). Overall, Microsoft hit the target when it came to designing their controller, and gave one of the best ways to play the Xbox 360.

The final controller is the Razer Sabertooth. While the Afterglow gives budget players an awesome gamepad for a cheaper price, the Sabertooth is a bit more expensive. But that price gives you superior control and customization. Make no mistake, this pad is designed for professional play. It is comfortable, and features extra programmable buttons. The controller is wireless, but does include a detachable braided cable. The gamepad is programmable through the on-board OLED screen, making it easier for players to adjust the controller to their preference. If you take your gaming seriously, and can afford the price, then the Sabertooth may be the controller for you.