Mass Effect 4 release date likely set for “Spring 2016” says well known insider

We’re already more than two weeks into 2015 so it was just a matter of time before Mass Effect 4 rumors started popping up again. This time around, we have rumors regarding a possible release date, actual name, and development process and they’re all coming from the same source. You’re likely already familiar with this source as he has been responsible for leaking info on all matter of upcoming games for a while now. The person in question calls himself shinobi602 and he recently stated that a release date of Spring 2016 for Mass Effect 4 is certainly “possible, and optimistic.” This statement was made on the NeoGAF forums where there is a long-running thread on everything related to Bioware’s fourth installment in the highly acclaimed sci-fi series.

Aside from talking a little bit about the release date, shinobi also went on to say that Mass Effect 4 now has a real title, although he¬†wasn’t able to reveal it just yet. As you may or may not know, Bioware confirmed on several occasions that the upcoming game will definitely not be called Mass Effect 4 as that would suggest that it’s a direct sequel to the trilogy, which it most certainly is not. Unfortunately, we’re unlikely to learn the real name until Bioware makes an official announcement, so everybody will probably¬†keep calling the game ME4 until then just because it’s more convenient.

Also on NeoGAF, the leaker shared a few interesting details about the development process of Mass Effect 4. It seems that before the launch of Dragon Age Inquisition only around 50 or so developers were working on the game, which is why the development process was moving so slow. Since DA:I is already out, the devs who were working on it have now moved over to the Mass Effect 4 team. The current team is about 200 strong according to shinobi and it seems like the game needs such a large number of developers because it will “dwarf” both previous Mass Effect games and Dragon Age Inquisition. This is a bit of a bold statement if you ask me because DA: I is a pretty massive game and will not be easily dwarfed by anything, but we’ll just have to wait and see. Finally, shinobi concluded the series of leaks by saying that Mass Effect 4 is “100% guaranteed” to launch next year.