Cities XXL Releases Tomorrow, Now 50% Off

Home Focus Interactive’s sequel to Cities XL will be releasing on Steam tomorrow – Thursday, February 5th. The city builder is touted to be much bigger than better than its predecessor, and is even promised to use multiple CPU cores and feature mod support as well. Aside from building the biggest city imaginable, players can trade commodities such as fuel, water and oil across an entire in-game world. Cities XXL will launch for $39.99 / £30, but those who pre-purchase will receive up to 20 percent off. However, if gamers already own a copy of Cities XL they will receive 50 percent off.

First-time players to the Cities XL series will only be eligible for a 20 percent discount. No circumstances have to be taken into consideration here; if gamers don’t own a Steam copy of Cities XL (either its original, 2011, 2012 and Platinum versions), the 20 percent off will be the most they receive, and will last up until Cities XXL’s release.

For players who do already own a digital copy of Cities XL, they will need to follow a set of instructions in order to receive 50 percent off their purchase. Unlike the pre-purchase discount, what’s coined as the “loyalty discount” doesn’t have a time limit, and 50 percent will automatically be deducted off the sequel’s initial price tag. Details on which discount will be applicable to gamers can be read in detail via Cities XXL store page on Steam.

Cities XXL promises over 1,00 buildings with 47 different architectural styles across 65 maps that include new landscapes and new environments. Home Focus Interactive touts that the game will utilize “a vastly improved game engine,” according to one of its Facebook posts in December last year. There will be also four citizen classes a la City Life, whom each of which will have their own sets of housing density. With the addition of Mod support, players will be able to download and share content via the Steam Workshop. The developer and publisher first announced Cities XXL in November last year. when multiple-core support was one of the first things revealed.

“Create and manage enormous cities on the latest version of the ‘Cities’ engine with multi-core support. With a smooth FPS no matter the size and complexity, there are no longer any limits on the richness and diversity of your sprawling metropolis,” Home Focus Interactive said at the time.