First 3DS Langrisser Screenshots

It’s only just been announced and there are already some 3DS Langrisser screenshots to check out. The reboot is looking for a new look from its last installment from fifteen years ago and before. These screenshots definitely show an updated style at least to account for the new technology of today if nothing else.

The Masaya Games catalog was recently acquired by Extreme whose first step with the rights to the products has been to revive the Langrisser series. In a Siliconera report, the CEO and higher ups of Extreme want to make games for “video game fans” meaning console rather than smartphone or mobile and also meaning quality. After considering many different franchises from the Masaya history, the company eventually came to the conclusion that Langrisser was most deserving of a revival.

As the Langrisser screenshots indicate, this will be a slightly different style from the classic Langrisser. In addition to the classic western fantasy motifs, there will also be some steampunk elements included. Iconic character designer Satoshi Urushihara is replaced for this game by Hiroshi Kaieda in order to start making something new.  CEO of Extreme Soshi Saito had also previously been a fan of Kaieda’s work and was enthusiastic to bring him on board. However, the main goal was an attempt to bring a new touch in order to best move Langrisser forward in time.

The 3DS will be a 10 vs 10 strategy RPG following a boy with the holy blade Excalibur as he tries to reunite with a girl from his childhood. Of course, he’ll have to battle armies of imperial troops in order to do so. In terms of looks, 3D chibi characters will be used on the battlefield while conversations feature anime-style sprites. The game is due out this summer in Japan with no plans for localization as of yet.

The Langrisser screenshots showcase some battle mechanics as well as a female character.  Check them out below.