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The Langrisser Series is Being Revived

After fifteen years without a new installment, the tactical series Langrisser is getting a new game on the 3DS this summer in Japan. This comes from an announcement in this week’s Famitsu magazine as translated by Siliconera. Here is the answer to Masaya Games’s promise from last week that soon would come the reveal of a game fans have been waiting for.

With fifteen years of buffer, Langrisser has some catching up to do in terms of upgrades and it seems like the series is being taken in a slightly different direction. Masaya is parting ways with long-time character designer for the Langrisser and Growlanser games Satoshi Urushihara. Characters will instead be designed by Hiroshi Kaieda. This perhaps could be in keeping with the new look that the future installment seems to be going for with a more futuristic, steampunk sort of style rather than the classic western-type fantasy.

The game’s combat will have 10 vs 10 character battles with 3D super-deformed (chibi) units for the characters. The types will remain as infantry, cavalry, and archers. The title is still tentative, but details about the story were also revealed in the Famitsu article. The game will be set in a world mostly covered in water where a boy who has obtained the holy blade Excalibur- a staple of the series- must take on imperial forces in order to rescue and reunite with a girl he’s known from childhood.

Only one Langrisser game has made it to the West in the past under the name Warsong back in 1991. However, the resurgence of the Fire Emblem series with Awakening and the anticipation for the recently announced new installment could mean that this side of the world could be open to a different tactical franchise, particularly an old rival of Fire Emblem. Either way, however, it should hopefully be a triumphant return for the classic series.



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