Homeworld Remastered Gets First Dev Diary

The first developer diary of Homeworld Remastered published on IGN’s YouTube today, marking the opening episode to a series of behind-the-scenes videos. Videogame developers familiar with the Homeworld franchise retell their experiences with the IP, while snippets of gameplay footage shows off the differences between classic and remastered versions of both Homeworld and Homeworld 2.

During the almost four-minute long video, titled Memories, individuals close to the Homeworld series reflect on their experiences with the classic sci-fi real-time strategy. People such as Gearbox Software’s co-founders, Randy Pitchford and Brian Martel, the series’ former art director and Relic Entertainment’s co-founder Rob Cunningham (now the CEO of Blackbird Interactive), and the series’ original music composer, Paul Ruskay, and more all recall how they felt about Homeworld and how it affected them.

In addition to the the retold experiences, the episode also shows snippets of gameplay footage from both the remastered and classic versions of Homeworld 1 and Homeworld 2. Through these snippets, it’s apparent that the game’s user interface for Homeworld 2 has been visually improved to do away with the original game’s bold blue and yellow colours. Texture quality has also been sharpened up as well. Gamers can watch the full developer diary below.

Homeworld Remastered releases at the end of the month on Wednesday, February 25th. Not only does the one-time purchase offer gamers remastered versions of both the original Homeworld and Homeworld 2, but it also includes the classic versions of both games at no extra cost as well. Additionally, Homeworld Remastered will also grant gamers access to the title’s Steam multiplayer Beta. The game’s price tag is currently reduced as part of its pre-purchase special promotion. Instead of paying £26.99 / $32.99, gamers can save 15 percent until the day before Homeworld Remastered releases, which takes the price of the title down to £22.94 / $29.74. Further information on the title can be found via Steam.