Offworld Trading Company Receives Prototype Update

Mohawk Games has announced in a post on the Offworld Trading Company forums that Founders (gamers who bought the now dissolved Elite Edition of the game) will receive an update for the prototype version of the PC title via Steam today. Offworld Trading Company is an economy-based real-time strategy game published by Sins of a Solar Empire’s Stardock, where money and underhanded tactics are the player’s offense and defense.

The contents of the changelog for Offworld Trading Company is minimal, but the changes introduced to the economic real-time strategy game were based off of Founders’ feedback. The prototype version of the game should now run more smoothly, but a notable portion of the changes relate to audio. New sound effects have been added, ranging from world audio to a new chime that plays whenever the player’s HQ is upgraded. The majority of the changes, on the other hand, relate to quality of life additions, such as tooltips and bug fixes. The full change log can be found on the Offworld Trading Company forums.

Mohawk Games announced back in July last year that those who pre-ordered the Elite Edition of the game in May, 2014 would receive immediate access to Offworld Trading Company’s prototype, which was originally scheduled to release in the Fall of that year. Eligible gamers were told to follow NDA requirements, which were later loosened in September. The Elite Edition of the game, and subsequently its Founder’s program, dissolved in January, 2015, and interested gamers haven’t be able to purchase Offworld Trading Company since.

However, the PC title will be launching on Steam’s Early Access on Thursday, February 12th. Gamers can currently pre-order the Early Access candidate of the game at a discounted price of $35.99, or gamers’ regional equivalent. Offworld Trading Company’s initial price tag is $39.99. Further information can be found via the game’s official website or Stardock’s store, and information on Offworld Trading Company itself can be found via its FAQ.