Elite: Dangerous 1.1 Update Launches Today

Published today, Frontier Developments announced in a forum post that the 1.1 update for Elite: Dangerous has been released. It introduces several stability fixes and tweaks, but more notably the update has added community-wide goals for players to participate in.

As the name implies, community goals will require the Elite: Dangerous player base to collaborate together in order to complete specific tasks. Apparently, these goals can cover things such as collecting vast amounts of ore. Community goals were established in an email newsletter that was sent out back in January, when it was outlined that the 1.1 update would prepare Elite: Dangerous and its players for the upcoming 1.2 Wings update, which promises more ways for players to group up and communicate together.

Aside from the inclusion of community goals (as detailed in February’s email newsletter), Elite: Dangerous’ 1.1 update introduces Jaques Station, a custom mobile Orbis starport owned by Jaques, a cyborg and former bartender who was mentioned in 1993’s Frontier: Elite II. Jaques Station will show up in a new system from time to time as it journeys across the in-game galaxy. Players will be allowed to dock with Jaques Station should they encounter it. However, if the station jumps into a new location whilst players are still docked in it, they will be jumped with the station. Incidentally, the station will also sell a rare trade good, which could incentivize players to find and dock with Jaques Station in order to acquire a valuable commodity.

Additional new content includes graphical shader improvements to gas giants, city lights on the dark side of an inhabited planet, Pilots Federation rank decals and more, along with plenty of stability fixes and general tweaks. The full changelog can be read in full on Elite: Dangerous’ official forums.

Frontier Developments also mentioned in the forum post that the Beta servers for Elite: Dangerous will be closed until the studio begins work on the game’s 1.2 update. The Beta forums will also be closed in accordance with this. Elite Dangerous is available digitally for PC via the game’s official store, with a price tag of £39.99 (or gamers’ regional equivalent).