Resogun Defenders Arrives Next Week

The second expansion for Housemarque’s shoot-em-up Resogun will be released next week. Over on the PlayStation Blog, Ian Pickles from XPEC Studio Europe gave an in-depth explanation of what will be coming in the update. In addition to the soon-to-be-released Defenders, Housemarque’s last content update for the game, Resogun Challengers, is being made available to all players today for no cost. The Resogun Defenders expansion will be the final update for Resogun and will bring a huge amount of new content to send off the game.

Today’s update, Resogun Challengers, brings a new leveling system where Challenge Points are earned by completing trials called ‘challenges’ and ‘feats’ in the existing game modes. Challenges focus on a specific level or mode that has been modified somehow to give the player a new goal. For example, one challenge is completing survival mode using the Super Stardust Ship. Meanwhile, feats are longer-term goals that track and record across all the game modes. Rather than specific goals, feats award Challenge Points when the player reaches a certain milestone. For example, when the player rescues a total of 1000 humans in Resogun, they will complete a feat.

Resogun Challenger will also bring a Human Gallery where players can better view and organize their collected Human types. Photo Mode will also allow you to pause on a screen and take a shot of the action.  Finally, more new trophies have also been added to this update, specifically designed around the new challenges and feats. Pickles promises that these will “test the skills of even the finest Resogun pilots out there.”

Next week’s Resogun Defenders will take place during the final stand of Resogun pilots against Sentient forces and will introduce two all-new game modes. Protector Mode tasks the player with defending one of the last human colonies left. The mode will have new power-ups such as Super Boost and Teleport as well as a planet flip mechanic and volcanic meteors that must be dodged. The second, Commando Mode, casts the player as the last Human remaining who has been left behind with only a mini-gun as defense and must take on the Sentients alone. This mode will also support co-operative and comparative multiplayer.

Resogun will have a 35% discount for the next two weeks to celebrate the release of the Defenders expansion. The expansion itself will be priced at $3.99. The official release date for Resogun Defenders on PlayStation 4 is February 18. You can check out the expansion trailer below.