LG Watch Urbane coming to the MWC and it looks amazing

LG has issued a press release detailing the LG Watch Urbane, a wearable device that has taken us completely by surprise. We didn’t expect the company to come forward with a smart watch so soon after the LG G Watch R, but it seems they have planned a great surprise for wearable enthusiasts. LG is marketing the LG Watch Urbane as the first all-metal luxury Android Wear device, and it will definitely prove to be serious competition to the Apple Watch. The Apple Watch is launching in April, and the Cupertino-based company has made it clear that it will be marketed as both luxury jewelry and a smart watch. We’re wondering how much hype it will generate after people lay eyes on the LG Watch Urbane. Not much would be our guess.

LG has proper outdone themselves with the LG Watch Urbane, especially when you look at the design of the watch. It looks like an actual luxury smart watch and you could mistake it for a Cartier timepiece if you don’t know better. Still, the design includes stainless steel, polished silver and polished gold, which make the LG Watch Urban as unisex as possible. At the same time, the company used flexible P-OLED screen technology to make the watch, which is a first in the industry.

When it comes to tech specs, the LG Watch Urbane isn’t better than the LG G Watch R, which won’t bother us if it comes with better battery life. Specs of the LG Watch Urbane include a 1.3 inch circular display, slimmer bezels (!), Android Wear and alas, just a 410 mAh battery. With the same battery as the G Watch R, the LG Watch Urbane won’t get over the three day battery life. Pricing will be very important, especially if LG wants to directly compete with the overly expensive luxury Edition Apple Watch units. Since those timepieces will go as high as $5000 in price, we expect the LG Watch Urbane to keep it below the $1000 mark, but that depends on how much precious materials were used in the design.