Bohemia Interactive introduces new features with MINIDAYZ 1.2.0 Update

Take DayZ, the critically acclaimed survival-horror title born as a mod for Arma II. Add pixel art, a top-down camera view, singleplayer support, mix all the ingredients well, pour into a browser and serve well chilled. If you followed the recipe, the result will be MINIDAYZ, a multi-platform browser game developed by Bohemia Interactive and largely based on the famous title mentioned before. Featuring a single-player only mode, MINIDAYZ allows players to explore the zombie-infested island of Chernarus, iconic location of the DayZ series, as they scavenge for food, weapons and supplies and try to survive the apocalypse.

Bohemia Interactive recently announced a major update to MINIDAYZ, unveiling some new features and peculiarities the title will sport as soon as patch 1.2.0 goes live. Among the new features a crafting system was added, allowing players to create advanced gear and combine resources into useful items. Players can now pick up items whenever their inventory is full or they are not wearing clothing thanks to the new “hands” default item slot. A variety of new items has been added to the game, including new weapons such as the army knife and gear, like the police hat or night vision goggles. The wear-out system has been reworked and items whose durability drops to zero will now greatly penalize the player and can no longer be repaired. MINIDAYZ also sports six new achievements to discover and unlock.

Patch 1.2.0 includes some minor additions to the game such as new sounds assets and a new church in one of the island’s areas. A more descriptive set of tooltips for in-game items has been added, showing gear properties such as additional protection or heat and few bugs have been fixed. MINIDAYZ is distributed by Bohemia Interactive and can be freely downloaded through their store page. The game is compatible with Windows, Linux and Mac-OS systems and requires a browser in order to be played. More information about the title can be found by following MINIDAYZ’s twitter feed.

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