Square Enix Relaunches Members Rewards Program

Square Enix has revamped its old Members Rewards system and has just announced its reopening of the program for 2015. Users can collect points for the rewards program by entering sweepstakes, purchasing applicable products, and participating in other activities offered by the site. The points can then be redeemed for exclusive prizes only available through this program.  Unlike in previous years, users don’t have to wait until the end of the year to use their accumulated points. Prizes can be claimed whenever the user wants. Square Enix wants to “lower the barrier of entry” so that it’s not only hardcore Square Enix fans that are reaping the rewards of the program.

Prizes will be redeemable sometime in Spring 2015. Square Enix is currently working to bring some cool new products to the rewards list and also making sure that all the kinks have been worked out in the new program.  The relaunch of the Members Rewards program is being hosted on a brand new page and platform entirely integrated with the Square Enix Online Store. This means that redeeming points will follow the same process as a standard check-out procedure through the store. However, old Members Points cards are no longer supported. Preorders taken prior to today are not eligible for Members Rewards points, with the exceptions of Final Fantasy Type-0 (game and music soundtrack) and the Final Fantasy XIV Delivery Moogle Plush.

Points will be valid for one year after a user’s last point gathering activity. For example, if a user collects 20 points on March 1, then they are guaranteed those points until March 1 of the following year. If they also gather 20 points on June 15, however, then their entire stock of 40 points will be guaranteed until June 15 of the following year. As for what exactly these points will be redeemable for, that is still a mystery.

Square Enix has a lot going on recently with a college lecture tour by Final Fantasy Type-0 devs, panels at PAX East, and the upcoming release of  the HD remake of Final Fantasy Type-0 alongside the anticipated Episode Duscae Final Fantasy XV demo. The announcement of the return of their Members Rewards program is just the latest in a string of news about the company.