Submit Your Own Artwork To Make Reginald the Great 2

Earlier in the year a free Child of Light E-book was released called Reginald the Great. The book was put together by a small group of individuals including Patrick Plourde, Child of Light’s creative director, and was illustrated by Serge Meirinho. Reginald the Great’s art style, arguably the book’s biggest draw, kept in theme with the games wonderful atmosphere. To continue in their project, Plourde announced that future books would be illustrated by fans of the series. And in doing so he hopes that people will become involved in shaping Lemuria. But, at that time we were told that we would have to wait for future details.

Starting this month the community at large is able to submit their pieces to help create Reginald the Great 2: A Royal Surprise. The book follows Reginald, the son of Robert and Margaret, on his second adventure that takes him and his friend Roberta to meet the Queen. You simply have to choose a scene that interests you, illustrate it, and submit it to the appropriate folder. All of the work contributed to the book will be accredited to the work’s creator and people at Ubisoft will compile all of the submissions to create a single e-book that will be released for free.

Patrick Plourde stated that in Child of Light’s early development “we were actually creating a universe that we should explore in various mediums.” These books are intended to capitalize on that and continue the story of the world after Child of Light’s story finished. Ubisoft appears to be hoping that Lemuria can continue as it’s own world, after fans responses to the gorgeous setting created in Child of Light, rather than ending their creation with the game. After the success of the first game and with rumours of the potential for a sequel; these next stories could potentially be the stepping stone to the next game, giving fans the option to help shape the world. If you’re interested in learning more or submitting your work for Reginald the Great 2, the link to do so is here.