ArenaNet shares additional details about Guild Wars 2’s new class: The Revenant

ArenaNet came back to the scenes when they announced their first expansion pack for Guild Wars 2, titled Heart of Thorns, during the latest PAX South in San Antonio, Texas. Among the other features this pack will include, most of which have already been covered in the past, the guys at ArenaNet announced the introduction of a new class, the Revenant. Few details about this class had been shared at the time, as the development team kept fans hungry for more by promising to explain everything in the weeks and months to come.

Revenants can be armed with a variety of weapons, each giving the player specific skills.

The time for answers seems to have arrived as ArenaNet published, on Guild Wars 2 website, an extensive article about the characteristics, stats, and unique features of the Revenant. The article, titled “Revenant: The Master of the Mists” is written by one of the developers who gave birth to the class and explains how the character can be played and what kind of special abilities it possesses. Featuring unique profession mechanics, a medium health pool and wearing heavy armor, the Revenant can be armed with a Hammer, Mace or Axe. Details about the Legendary Stance system have also been shared, as the article features a throughout description of two of these, the Legendary Demon and Legendary Dwarf stances.

Channeling legends allows Revenants to transform and access unique abilities and skills.

Besides this useful information, ArenaNet also published some new screenshots featuring the Reverant both in its normal and Legendary forms. Furthermore, New boons, conditions, and status effects have been added to the Revenant as well as spread across other professions’ specializations. There is still no word on the specific release date for this expansion but the development team has announced that a first playable demo will be available both at PAX East in Boston, from March 6 to March 8, and at Rezzed in London, from March 12 to March 14. Players are invited to visit the booth and get their hands-on experience with Guild Wars 2 HoT. Part of the development team will be in Boston to receive feedback, comments and answer questions. ArenaNet promised to share additional detail about the Revenant, as well as other key features in Heart of Thorns, during the upcoming months, as the team finalizes their work on the expansion.