Android Wear getting iOS support at I/O Google

Android Wear is not a cross-platform operating system at the moment, even though there are units out there which have bypassed the software restrictions with the use of a few hacks and made the OS compatible with iOS devices, such as the iPhone 6 and the iPad. There are many iPhone and iPad users who would be interested in purchasing Android Wear devices as the wearable market gets more and more popular each day. One might say that these Apple fans should be oriented at the upcoming Apple Watch, but there are still many out there who say that they would rather have a Moto 360 or an LG G Watch R on their wrists, because they look better and their functions are comprehensive enough for their needs. That is why, it seems Google will be reconsidering what OS Android Wear is going to be compatible with in the future, according to

The Google I/O conference is coming up in May, and while that is still two months off, there are already reports on the internet suggesting what kind of software and developer solution will be demonstrated at the conference. One of these solutions involves making Android Wear, as a platform, compatible with iOS devices. It seems demand for compatibility is high enough for Google to consider modifying its software so that it can cater to a broader audience. The move would seem logical from an enterprise point of view, as a company would always want to open up its systems and target more and more people in different demographics. The iOS users’ crowd is broad and therefore, there are millions of iPhone users out there who might want a smart watch running Android Wear in the future. One incentive behind this desire would be that the Apple Watch will be rather expensive at $350 for the base model. Currently, you can get the Moto 360 for less than $250 in certain shops, and the device is as fashionable as they get. Android Wear could be a way in which Google taps into the iOS audience and tries to broaden the overall ecosystem of its products and software solutions.

Having a broad Android Wear portfolio at the moment, if Google would push out an update enabling a smart watch running the OS connect to an iOS device would be a serious threat to the Apple Watch. Since the Apple Watch is the only wearable from Apple, even though there are many watches out there who are compatible with iOS devices, none of them offer the level of integration and customization as Android Wear does. If you were to choose between an Android Wear watch and the Apple Watch, which would you choose? At the developer conference, Google will reportedly announce details about a new update that would roll out to all Android Wear devices, making them completely compatible with iOS tablets and phones.

If you’re thinking that Apple will counter the move by making the Apple Watch compatible with Android smartphones and tablets, you might be wrong. Even if it sounds pretty cool, it’s rather unlikely. As Apple’s training manual for selling the Apple Watch in stores has been leaked, we found out that retail workers should focus on getting the customer interested in the timepiece to either upgrade their iPhone if they already own one, or if they don’t, influence them into buying one. With that in mind, it’s highly unlikely that Apple would suddenly shift its marketing strategy and include Android in the picture.

In my opinion, this move of making Android Wear compatible with iOS device would definitely boost the numbers of Google, as there is a far greater chance of coming across an iPhone user that would not buy an Android phone, but would gladly buy a Moto 360. At the same time, it is unlikely that Google would lose customers in the Android phone market, as I don’t think there are many people out there who would buy an Android phone just to be able to use an Android Wear smart watch. Take this with a grain of salt, as Google hasn’t confirmed the proposed update yet. We will definitely find out more at Google I/O in May.

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