Langrisser Revival Gets a Release Date

The new Langrisser for the 3DS has been given a subtitle and a release date, as reported on by GematsuThe tactical RPG will be hitting shelves in Japan in the middle of July this year under the name Langrisser: Re:Incarcantion Tensei (which apparently literally translates to Langrisser: Re:Incarnation Reincarnation). It has been fifteen years since the last installment in the series was released. The game will follow a protagonist as he partners with mercenaries and other allies in pursuit of a little sister who he has not seen since his youth. The story will apparently go in different directions depending on the decisions the players make throughout and will consequently result in several different endings.

Langrisser is probably looking to run off the recent resurgence of the tactical RPG that was launched by the extremely popular Fire Emblem: Awakening. The game has several similarities to the recent 3DS game. For example, Langrisser will feature a Confession Events that seem like the Support System from Fire Emblem. The player can get a love confession from any of the twenty-eight characters, fully voice-acted. The character featured in the confession will then turn up in the protagonist’s ending.

Some screenshots were released early last month that showed off the character designs and the combat system. In addition to the traditional fantasy elements of Langrisser games, there will also be some inspiration drawn from steampunk- that’s one way to distinguish this now from the Fire Emblem franchise. As of yet, there have been no announcements about possible localization for the game, but hopefully there should be some sort of hint before the Japanese release this summer. With the wave started by Fire Emblem, now is a good opportunity to try and familiarize a Western audience with the Langrisser series. Langrisser: Re:Incarnation Tensei is coming from Masaya Games and Extreme and will be released exclusively for the 3DS.

A limited edition box has also been detailed. It will include Rosalia and Licorice Puchi figures, an original soundtrack album with songs from the old and new games of Langrisser, and a 64 page art book with illustrations of the characters  and world created by Satoshi Urushihara and Hiroshi Kaieda.



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