Replica Halo Plasma Rifles Revealed

While Halo fans may be bogged down in Halo: The Master Chief Collection’s matchmaking issues, TriForce have unveiled something which may keep us occupied for the forseeable future; namely, replicas of the Plasma Rifles from the series. The Plasma Rifles are currently available for pre-order, although they can set customers back a little financially.

The “Brute” version, seen above and which comes in red, potential buyers will have to put down a deposit of $162.50 of the total $650 price tag; the regular blue version, which you can see below, will set buyers back $600, of which $150 will have to be paid as a deposit. Both versions are purported to be full scale, and measure 24 and a half inches tall, and weigh about 15 pounds. TriForce have also said that each Plasma Rifle has been hand painted and finished, and well as featuring working LED light effects.

Purple Plasma Rifles

TriForce, who was also behind the Evolve statue series, have said that they will only be creating 150 of Brute Plasma Rifles, while they will be creating 500 of the blue ones. TriForce reached new heights of fame when they released the widely acclaimed statues based on the Goliath from the Evolve series. When these were released, the statues reached 29 inches in height and weighed about 35 pounds. The Plasma Rifles are being released as part of the Halo 2 anniversary.

Currently, Halo’s developers 343 Industries are working on a fix for Halo: The Master Chief Collection’s matchmaking issues; however, they have said that the fix won’t be ready until at least November 19. Since the collection’s release, player were immediately vocal about how they had to wait so long whilst trying to find and join matches; with many being forced to wait even longer for the game to load.