Nexus 10 getting Android 5.1 over the air now

Although Google has already released the factory images for the new Android 5.1 software update online, the OTA has only been sent out to a a handful of Nexus devices. Today, Google has finally started rolling out Android 5.1 OTA to the Nexus 10, so you should check for updates if you haven’t made use of the factory images. Android 5.1 is an incremental update to the newly released Android Lollipop software, as it brings over 14 thousand bug fixes, which were much needed.

Even though many were hoping that the dreaded memory leak bug would be fixed with Android 5.1, it seems that release is only going to be included in the next update, even though it has been internally fixed. The Nexus 10 doesn’t have a lot of issues with Android 5.0, but having Android 5.1 definitely helps gain some stability and a big of a performance improvement. The overall user experience on the Nexus 10 should be improved after installing the update, so we definitely would advise users to install it as soon as they get it.

The new Android 5.1 OTA update has build number LMY47D and weighs about 105 MB, so be sure to clear some space for it before installing. Also, before installing any update, be sure to have a fully charged battery, a stable Wi-Fi connection and a back-up of your important files, because updates can go wrong and can even brick your device on occasion. While that’s a rare occurrence, it’s always best to have a back-up of your data and maybe even a back-up device.

The first thing Nexus 10 users will notice after installing the Android 5.1 Lollipop OTA update is a speedier boot time, which will definitely make using the tablet a bit more fun and smooth. Since the memory leak bug hasn’t been fixed, don’t expect the smoothest experience ever and remember to occasionally reboot your tablet. Our advice would be to perform a reboot every 2 or 3 days, depending on how severe the RAM leak actually is for you. As the Android 5.1 update has negatively affected the Nexus 5, we might see the same thing happening with the Nexus 10, although we’re hoping for the best. Let us know how the install goes for you and what changes you notice on your Nexus 10 after!

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