PS4 vs XB1 – Which has better AAA Games

No matter where you go, the general consensus in the games industry is that PS4 has a bigger, better library than Xbox One! But is this really true? It’s very easy to just tally the numbers of games and pick out the few highest rated to make an assertion regarding a console’s superiority. PS4 has more games, and some of its exclusives or console-exclusives are some of the top rated of the generation. But all too often these comparisons fail to differentiate between game styles, or recognize the the quality and diversity of games, nor whether they are new experiences or belated ports. Furthermore, they often conflate indie, free to play and AAA games as all of equal value. That is a big mistake. So we shall explore the two console’s game rosters by genre and compare the AAA exclusives and console-exclusives (excluding last-generation games that were later ported to this-gen). These are the big games with big names.

#1 – Racing:

Left: Drive Club, Right: Forza Horizon 2

PS4 so far has one fairly-decent, if very average racing game, Drive Club, versus Xbox One’s two higher rated Forza games; one incredible, content-heavy, open-world arcade racer Horizon 2, and one solid 60fps/1080p racing simulator, Motorsport 5. Forza Motorsport 6 is also on the menu this year! Exclusive racing games are more important now than ever before because this generation has seen a lack in racing quality; The Club was a flop and so was Need For Speed: Rivals. Project C.A.R.S isn’t out for another month and PS4 has already gone a year and a half without a high quality racing game. So with 2 high quality racing games and one more to come, Xbox One is the clear winner here.

Winner: Xbox One

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#2 – First person shooters:

Left: Killzone – Shadowfall, Right: Titanfall

The most relevant shooters at the moment, eg: Call of Duty and Battlefield, are all multiplatform, but let us see what the two consoles have available now and in the pipeline. PS4 has Killzone: Shadowfall and an upcoming game codenamed Horizon, being developed by Guerrilla Games, which we know little about. Xbox One has the higher rated, multiplayer focused FPS named Titanfall, and the brilliant package: Halo Master Chief Collection with 4 (soon to be 5) rebuilt Halo games, all on one disk at 1080p/60fps, featuring 4000 gamerscore and over 100 multiplayer maps. Not to mention, upcoming Xbox One has Halo 5 Guardians. I’m not a fan of Halo by any means but you’d have to be delusional to think PS4 has the advantage in this area.

Winner: Xbox One

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#3 – Open world action:

Left: Sunset Overdrive, Right: InFamous – Second Son

The crazy games we can’t help but love. Playstation saw its third iteration of the popular InFamous franchise with InFamous: Second Son. Meanwhile, Xbox One has Sunset Overdrive, a new IP by ex-Playstation first party developer, Insomniac Games. Dead Rising 3 is another open world action game on Xbox One that was available at the system’s initial launch. Sunset Overdrive was rated marginally higher than InFamous Second Son, and Dead Rising 3 was rated marginally lower. All in all, the three games are in the same league, and sure it’s down to taste, but two games are better than one.

Winner: Xbox One

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#4 – Survival Horror:

Left: State of Decay – Year One Survival Edition, Right: H1Z1

H1Z1 on PS4 vs State of Decay on the X1… Neither of these are actually Triple-A, and both are available on PC (which is out of this equation). This is the only exception I will make to the list as they are both perfect competitors, mainly because they; both look and feel like AAA games, are both open world zombie games, and were both originally released on other systems. That being said, H1Z1 is still in early access on steam, hasn’t made it to PS4 yet and so far it has received lower ratings than the soon-to-be-released State of Decay: Year One Survival Edition for Xbox One. So until that’s out….

Winner: Xbox One

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#5 – Hack n Slash/RPG/Dungeon Crawler:

Left: Bloodborne, Right: Scalebound

Yeah, that title was vague. Frankly I don’t know what you could class Scalebound as, considering even describing its perplexing trailer can become  nonsensical- “you’ve got, like, a hipster with really feminine hair who pretends to be scared of dragons, but then winks at them while, like, listening to dubstep on his Dr Dre Beats…and then he, sort of, like, turns into a scale monster thing and fights them”. Either way it seems like the closest Xbox equivalent to Bloodborne, though we don’t yet know if they can be compared. Simply because Bloodborne is the only one out, it seems sensible to assume this is something PS4 has the advantage in, for the time being at least. I would be mad to say otherwise, hot on the heels of Bloodborne’s release and its overwhelming media praise.

There are also free to play games for both systems like Deep Down and Fable Legends but of course I’m disregarding them in this list as they are free to play.

Winner: Ps4

#6 – Beautiful graphics Flop:

Left: Ryse – Son of Rome, Right: The Order – 1886

Is this a genre? Of course it isn’t. But both systems had their pretty games that showed off the hardware, and ended up falling flat on their face under gaming media scrutiny. Frankly I had a blast with the heavily underrated Ryse: Son of Rome, and I reckon I’d probably enjoy The Order too. The Order did get a mildly higher rating but frankly the shooter genre has gotten staler than the hack n’ slash genre, and Ryse does have the best graphics of this generation. Well, there’s one thing for it.

Winner: Tie (considered 0.5 point for each console)


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