Black Tusk Renamed The Coalition and They Have Something For E3

Black Tusk Studios is no more. For Gears of War fans, this news probably comes as a shock. But, there is no need to worry, Black Tusk Studios may be gone but only because they have re-branded their company name. From here on out, the developers of Gears of War want the franchise to become synonymous with their new name – The Coalition. Rod Fergusson, the ex-studio head of Black Tusk and now head of The Coalition, posted a video today onto YouTube to talk about the change and what it means, “Teamwork. A Coalition is a collection of diverse individuals for a common purpose.” But, Fergusson also wants the new branding to relate to the Gears franchise. From here on out, it seems, The Coalition will be working exclusively on Gears of War titles. I’d have to take a guess and assume that this means there will be many more games in the franchise in the future.

Fergusson also says that whatever they have been working on is set to be revealed at this years E3. More specifically, on June 15th at 4PM Pacific Time, which you can check out on Xbox Daily: LIVE. Considering that The Coalition now work exclusively on Gears of War titles, we can be certain that a Gears announcement is coming. As to what that announcement will be we can only speculate. It’s most probable that The Coalition will be announcing a new game in the franchise to continue on the series. However, there have been rumours surfacing that they have been at work on a remastered version of the game. Unfortunately, Rob Fergusson shut down the idea of a remastered Gears collection, like the Halo MC Collection, but he did say they are working on projects – plural. But, I’m not sure if you should actually take anything from that. According to said rumours, The Coalition have been at work creating a remastered edition of the original Gears of War game. Until June 15th, we can only wait and see.