XCOM 2 Announced

XCOM: Enemy Unknown came out not too long ago, and proceeded to be one of the best strategy games of its kind. having a great narrative, in-depth strategic gameplay, solid visuals, and a unique attachment and progression system for each one of your soldiers, XCOM squeezed hundreds of hours out of newcomers and long-time XCOM players alike.

Today, we get the trailer for what many fans have been waiting for for quite some time – XCOM 2. The trailer shows off a city -presumably on Earth – that has been integrated with aliens, having them live among us, their technology merged with ours. Several XCOM operatives infiltrate the city – for some reason – and do some shooting at aliens. The trailer for XCOM 2 also shows off some new aliens, including a cobra-like alien, and some sort of stalker (which got wrecked by a guy with a sword, so, he can’t be too tough.)

There are a few things that we can gleam from this trailer. First off, we’re definitely going to be seeing a narrative that takes place decently far away from the end of the first game, which just (spoilers!) had us watch debris of an alien ship fall apart over Earth, as one of your operatives sacrificed their life to save the rest of your squad. Also, with this urban and very much populated environment, XCOM 2 may very well be straying from the barren battlefields that XCOM: Enemy Unknown had, giving us places with loads of people, and having us operate with some sort of stealth in mind.

Now that the world seems to be all fine and dandy with aliens, is the XCOM project some sort of underground resistance? It would be an interesting change of pace from the underlying tones of government compliance and grey-market politics of the first game. Whatever Firaxis decides to do with XCOM this time around, you can be absolutely sure that it’ll be something great XCOM: Enemy Unknown was one of the best strategy games that I’ve ever played, and it’s the sort of formula that’s tough to screw up if they keep the same design principles. You can look forward to seeing XCOM 2 this November.

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