DA: Inquisition DLC Rumors

It’s been almost a year since DA: Inquisition came out and since then Jaws of Haakon has been the only major DLC to be released with substantial new content. There have been smaller DLC released, but nothing that provides further narrative to the game. If rumors can be believed, it seems BioWare has more DLC in the works. A survey question appears to have leaked details about an upcoming, and final, DLC for the game. There has been, at this time, nothing to confirm the authenticity of the rumor; however, if it does end up to be true the new content looks to provide us with the final chapter for the Inquisition. Please keep in mind that this is only a rumor.

The survey states that the new DLC content will take place after the Inquisitor saves the world and closes the breach. Whatever it is that you choose to do will shape the future for the Inquisition. However, the rumor also mentions a hodgepodge of details that would certainly make for an overly chaotic piece of DLC. Apparently, something happens in the Fade that sets your hero’s mark off. This supposedly triggers an invasion of Qunari; could this be the long awaited Qunari invasion? Something about assassins, and a race against time to defeat a great evil in the world. Whatever this great evil is, the rumor states that you will be facing off against “the one who started it all;” and Qunari invasion aside, I think this is the most interesting piece. Does it mean you-know-who from the campaign? Or would we be going further back in the lore?

In addition to this, the rumor states that the new DA: Inquisition DLC would add a new optional game mode for veteran players. If it’s to be believed, there is quite a lot there.

The survey question is there to see if whoever answered the thing would buy this new content for $15. If this really is a Qunari invasion, or whatever you read it to be, I would have imagined it to sell for much more. It will be completing the Inquisitor’s story for the same price as Jaws of Haakon. But who knows, we can only hope that there is actually some sort of DLC for DA: Inquisition on the way.

What do you think? It looks like it would be a fun addition to the story, but do you think it’s real? Or are you skeptical?




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