Titanfall 2 Launches Today

The big release season of 2016 is in full swing at long last. Games that we have been waiting all year, sometimes even longer, are finally being released. Dues Ex: Mankind Divided, Gears of War 4, and Battlefield 1 are all out and in the hands of gamers. Now it’s time for another game to take its turn. Not an original IP, but hardly the longstanding franchise that the aforementioned games have built up. Ladies and gentlemen, suit up and standby for Titanfall 2, because it has officially dropped in.

Titanfall is a fairly recent IP that saw its first installment released in 2014. The multiplayer only game was fairly well received, but was still on the receiving end of quite a few criticisms. Many found it to be, while fun, short and repetitive, something exacerbated by the lack of a campaign mode. Titanfall 2 has taken steps to fix these faults. A campaign mode has been included in this installment, and steps have been taken to add more variety to the multiplayer. The campaign focuses on a Militia member in the Militia-IMC conflict that defines the world of Titanfall. After a devastating Militia defeat, he is forced to team up with BT-7274, a Titan whose pilot had been killed. The campaign follows their adventures. As for the multiplayer, a large amount has been added. New weapons, new Titans and new gameplay modes are all now part of Titanfall 2.

Reviews are already pouring in for Titanfall 2, and they seem to be heavily leaning in its favor. Metacritic wise, it is enjoying many positive reviews, although with a few for the PC port that are more critical. The general outlook appears to be that the game is solid, although not without flaws. It is possible that opinions on the game may change, come December 2. Respawn Entertainment has promised to release new maps, modes and weapons for the game, all for free. This may improve some of the flaws perceived in the game, although we will have to wait and see.