Rumors say that Nintendo Switch launches on March 18th

Nintendo held its cards for a long time when it came to revealing its new console, the Nintendo Switch, but everything seems to indicate that it ultimately worked. YouTube views of the first Nintendo Switch trailer are now higher than the most seen Wii U trailer, and general opinion regarding the Switch seems to be fairly positive, with people agreeing that the concept of taking a console on the go seems to be fairly innovative without being a gimmick. Today, some very important news about Nintendo’s latest system may have been leaked thanks to Laura Kate Date, a freelance reporter that has leaked several amounts of information regarding the Switch in the past, and, according to her, it looks like the Nintendo Switch will launch on March 18th, 2017.

Tweets from Mrs. Kate state that ‘March 17th is currently planned [Nintendo] Switch day in PAL’ and that it ‘will release worldwide that same week’, which does match with previous comments made by Nintendo that said that the console would launch on March. Of course, this isn’t the first information that has been leaked regarding the Nintendo Switch, the twitter account that goes by the name of Emily Rogers also informed about many of the Switch’s unannounced features, like its 4GB RAM, the fact that the Splatoon game announced for it isn’t a direct sequel, and the amount of Wii U games that could be ported to it. Their sources seem to be fairly accurate, so it would make sense to believe Mrs. Kate and Mrs. Rogers when they claim a possible release date for the Nintendo Switch.

While I do find myself worried over how little time Nintendo has to get the hype machine going, I am faithful in the Nintendo Switch, because it gives me the impression that the higher ups from the company understood many of the mistakes they made with the Wii U. Only time will tell if it ends up being a success, but I guess anything can happen.