ODIN2 Will Let you Play Plasytation Games on a Big Screen

Everyone would like to play their favorite games on a screen as large as it can be. Unfortunately, not anyone can afford a huge screen, however. Thankfully, some clever people invented smart projectors that make a gamer’s life a lot more fun. Dos Owls is a team that first delivered a smart projector in 2014. The first ODIN device was more than OK, offering a quite large number of features, but the Brooklyn, NY based team thought they could take it up a notch. On November 1, they launched a second project on Kickstarter, as an attempt to deliver an even better gadget, the ODIN2.

Some gamers may have already played their favorite shooters or other games on the first ODIN. Unfortunately, that was only compatible with the Xbox consoles. According to Tech Gadget Central, the new and improved ODIN2 promises to offer even more: PlayStation and Nintendo compatibility. The game console can be connected to the projector thanks to ODIN’s HDCP compatible HDMI port.  Given the fact that the device can produce up to 110″ screens from 3 yards away, those who like to play games on their PlayStations will never leave their homes again. Gamers who don’t really want an 110″ screen can pull their ODIN2 closer, at only 1 yard,  and still get a 37″ screen to play on. Even though the native resolution of the projector is only 720p, it can also ensure Full HD resolution, so users can really enjoy the content they are projecting.

The ODIN2 is not only a great way to get a big screen for your games, it is also extremely useful when you need to get work done. The device allows users to work with Google Docs and Office 365, and it is also a great gadget for video calls. The new version of the projector has its own camera and microphone that allow users to make or take video calls. The wide-angle camera of the device is perfect for business video calls, allowing quite a large number of people to gather around the device. What else could one need for a business call?

The gadget is not simply a projector that allows users to beam media content from their other gadgets. It is also a standalone device, with a Quad-core ARM Cortex-A17, 1.8GHz chip, 2GB of DDR RAM and 16GB of internal storage. The gadget also features a microSD card slot, so users can store even more media content on the ODIN2. The gadget runs on Android 6.0, so apps are only a touch away with this device. Streaming movies, music, apps, and playing games on a big screen was never easier.

If everything goes all right, the ODIN2 should start shipping in June 2017. Given the fact that the project reached its initial goal on Kickstarter in less than three days, it’s safe to say that funding won’t be an issue, and mass production should start according to plans. Stay tuned, and we will keep you in the loop.

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