Anticipated Games of 2017 – Detroit: Become Human


Detroit: Become Human is one of the many anticipated Games of 2017, a PS4 exclusive that has been described as a neo-noir thriller. The creators are aiming for a game that is “moving and meaningful, to explore themes that are meaningful in our world“, as explained by CEO of Quantico Dream David Cage.

Detroit: Become Human is a game set in a world where androids are there as servants for humans, some even taking on important roles in various job fields.

The player gets to decide between two characters to play as: Kara, a recently escaped android from a factory who wants to experience first hand what it is like to be human, and Connor, an android who’s job is to hunt down rogue androids like Kara.

In the showcased game play, we play as Connor in a scene where a little girl has been taken hostage by a ‘malfunctioning’ android. Connor runs up to the roof of the building and tries to persuade the android into letting the girl go. This scene can play out in many different and interesting ways, such as the android letting the girl go and killing himself, the android jumping off the roof with the girl, and Connor himself being shot in the head.

It is up to the player to investigate all possibilities beforehand to play out the desired outcome.

 David Cage, who was the creator of Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls, has said that he was looking to build upon what he had done in the previously mentioned games but in a “very, very different way.”
Production started in 2013, and at the time programmers were creating the graphics as well as the new game engine. The 200 or so actors that were cast to play the characters were scanned in 3D and added into the game.
The game was announced on October 2015, and at a later Electronic Entertainment Expo in 2016 David Cage confirmed the game would not be released this year.
With the animation and screenplay completed, fans are looking for the game to be released next year.