GTX 1080 Ti Confirmed Along With Details of Club GeForce

On a recent job listing on LinkedIn, NVIDIA posted looking for a “Senior Marketing Manager – GeForce, Gamer Loyalty and Advocacy”. According to the job listing, NVIDIA plans to roll out annual benefits to all GeForce Experience users. Perks of using GeForce will include multiple rewards:

  • A free full copy of an indie game once a year.
  • A free custom skin or in-game item for a AAA game.
  • Early Beta access for Talos and NVIDIA 1st party content.
  • Exclusive hardware discounts for gaming gear.

The marketing manager will also be responsible for managing Club Geforce’s  weekly giveaways and prizes. Membership in Club GeForce will also allow for early registration in GeForce meetups as well as LAN and community events. The job posting also revealed the concept of “GeForce Elite” with a $10/month fee which gives gamers:

  • A rotation bundle of games from the GeForce App store (1 game a month).
  • Free GeForce PC in the cloud subscription.
  • Exclusive skins, in-game items, and GeForce Gear.

Most excitingly, the listing contains NVIDIA’s first official mention of the rumored GTX 1080 Ti. It’s suggested in the listing that Club GeForce members with 980 Ti’s have first dibs on the GTX 1080 Ti preorders. The ability to snatch up NVIDIA’s newest graphics cards as soon as they’re available is certainly enticing and makes at least the free experience undeniably advantageous. The paid service, GeForce Elite, sounds interesting, but is it worth the $10/month price tag? Similar offerings like Sony’s PlayStation Plus are the same price, but have a proven track record in delivering quality games each month, making it a solid investment. Can NVIDIA deliver an experience worth the monthly fee? Will the games in the App store be entertaining enough? The addition of Exclusive skins as well as the GeForce PC in the cloud subscription are cool, but I feel the rotation of games is the biggest draw.

What are your thoughts? Are you eager to sign up for GeForce for early preorders on the GTX 1080 Ti? Does GeForce Elite sound like it’s worth the price of admission? Let us know in the comments below.