New AT&T Service Offers Low Flat Fee For International Use

Cell phones and other mobile devices are a key part of almost everyone’s lives, with usage and features increasing each year. Many people feel naked without their phone, and having the device available for anything from looking up information to serious emergencies is a big priority. For international travelers, using cellular data outside of the country often comes with enormous roaming fees. AT&T looks to change that with an upcoming feature that allows travelers to pay by the day for unlimited use of talk, text, and mobile data.

The feature is called the International Day Pass Plan, and allows travelers to pay a low fee of $10 per day to use their phone without restrictions. This is a huge boon for those who spend time outside of the country, as they no longer have to worry about racking up gigantic overages for minimal use of their phones. In an unfamiliar place, it’s especially important to have access to the internet and a phone, and AT&T will take out a lot of the hassle.

“Unlimited Use” in AT&T’s International Day Pass Plan comes with a caveat, however, as the fine print in the plan agreement states that the feature may be removed from your account if international use accounts for more than 50% of talk, text, and data usage for two consecutive months. So if you’re spending the majority of your time abroad, this plan still might not be a perfect solution. For those that are spending a week or two in another country, however, this 10$ flat fee from AT&T may take a lot of stress out of staying connected.

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