Sunless Skies on Kickstarter

Failbetter Games has enjoyed a great deal of success with the Fallen London universe. First, they had a browser game of the same name, and then Sunless Sea. Set during the 1880s, the series has surrounded a London stolen thirty years ago. Trapped underground and run by the mysterious masters, the Fallen London universe has long mixed Lovecraftian horror with witty British humor. The series has a whole has enjoyed great success, and Failbetter is ready for the next time. The latest game in the Fallen London Universe, Sunless Skies is on Kickstarter, and it is already successfully funded.

Sunless Skies is set beyond the reaches of Earth. The Empress of London, Queen Victoria herself, has abandoned her city and fled to the stars. A mass exodus his being led by her, and there is a massive galaxy out there to explore and exploit. The player character will captain a starship heading out into the Wilderness of space. They will have an important role to play, and will help shape the new frontier. They can either support the fledging new empire, or smaller independent factions. They can even meet a god, a sun in this universe, and kill them. Sunless Skies did not pick its name lightly.

Full disclosure, I have backed this game, as have over 3,600 other people. Sunless Skies had a goal of £100,000 that it was able to reach in a matter of hours. It is currently standing at £142,000, to the point where the three top £2,500 rewards have been claimed. Those lucky three will have the pleasure of designing their own ports. Stretch goals have not been announced yet, but they will be coming soon. Sunless Skies has already surpassed Sunless Sea’s Kickstarter, despite not even being 24 hours old. Much like the Empress, Sunless Skies is heading radically upward.

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