Resident Evil 8 Development Reportedly Scrapped, Don’t Expect It Anytime Soon

Things have been busy (in a good way) for the Resident Evil series over the past few years, with it finally returning to its former glory. This all kicked off with the excellent release of Resident Evil 7 in 2017, followed by the equally-excellent Resident Evil 2 remake last year and now the Resident Evil 3 remake is coming in just a couple of months.

However, all of this focus on remakes lately has caused some to forget about Resident Evil 8, though that might be for the best if rumors are to be believed. According to a reputable source, initial development on Resident Evil 8 was scrapped and is now being reworked. This comes from AestheticGamer on Twitter, who said the following:

“I guess I can talk about this because people keep on asking me, but I’m going to warn I won’t talk about Resident Evil leak stuff for a long while after this so don’t be surprised if I don’t respond to specific questions.

So yeah, Resident Evil 8 is years away.

There was a version of RE8 that was in development since late 2016, though it went on pause during 2017 due to needing more hands on for RE7‘s DLC and RE2 (which was behind schedule at the time). Still, there was an RE8 version that was in the works for a few years.

However, it actually got officially scrapped and the project rebooted only like 6-7 months ago, so the “final” RE8 version hasn’t even been in development for a full year yet. Now these reboots often go faster because some assets and such are carried over, but don’t expect RE8 anytime soon.

There also won’t be any Resident Evil remakes out in the next few years after RE3. There is a couple other Capcom games being rebooted in the same vein as RE2 & RE3 though in the RE Engine, which should be seen pretty soon.

There is another Resident Evil game which will probably release next year, but it’s not a remake nor RE8.

And that’s all I’m gonna’ say, now don’t bother me about RE for a while please.”

While it’s unfortunate to hear that RE8 isn’t as close as some were hoping, it really isn’t all that surprising to hear about initial work being scrapped. This is something that has happened to multiple games in the series’ past, with the developers taking their time to ensure the final product is top of the line. It may take longer, but hopefully the wait is worth it.